2010-09-02 01:31 am

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I totally forgot I had an account! Wow! I'm reading all of my old kink. I need to get involved in some other kink-writing program.
2009-06-20 01:01 am

Look, ma! I've got a bingo!

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Wowzers, guys, I've almost got my first bingo. I'm going for an X and then I'm getting another card. Whew, today was an ambitious day. I churned out kink after kink... Damn.
2009-06-20 12:56 am

Screwing The Pooch

Kink: Animal Play
Fandom: True Blood
Sookie/Dean The Dog/Sam Merlotte
WARNING: Spoilers for the episode Plaisir d'Amour onward.
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2009-06-20 12:44 am

Above Satisfactory

Kink: Bitemarks
Fandom: Gossip Girl
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2009-06-19 10:48 pm

A Roll of The Dice

Kink: Genital Torture
Fandom: Heroes
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2009-06-19 07:05 pm

Worshipping Mistress Bella

Kink: Teasing
Fandom: Harry Potter
Bellatrix/Severus Snape
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2009-06-19 03:03 pm

I Pledge Allegiance

Kink: Begging
Fandom: Harry Potter
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