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Kink: Begging
Fandom: Harry Potter

Bellatrix Lestrange’s marriage was as most societal marriages are. She was wed to Rodolphus Lestrange not because they were in love. In fact, they were not in love. They married because of their status among fellow witches and wizards and because of their pure blood and familial heritage. It was expected of all of the girls in the Black family, Andromeda, Narcissa, and of course Bellatrix, to marry men who were pure of blood and able to take care of their wives financially.

There was no real love between Bellatrix and Rodolphus. Their blood status and desire for power were the only things that the two of them really shared.

Any other woman would have adored all of the trimmings of the wedding Bellatrix was given. Her dress was one of a kind and perfectly in fashion at the current time. There were flowers everywhere, silk dressings used as tablecloths, and sweet music played by a cluster of the finest string musicians around, but Bellatrix had always been relatively practical and was not into such frivolous things.

As soon as the honeymoon was quite literally over, Bellatrix found herself rather bored. Like the Black household, the Lestrange manor had busy servants and house-elves to do all the menial tasks like keeping the place clean and proper. She was not skilled in cross-stitching like Cissy had been and now that she had a husband her life was void of courting and important dinners. To top things off, Rodolphus had been going out without her and, though she would never own up to it, Bellatrix was lonely. She was both excited and suspicious when her husband told her that they would be hosting a dinner of great importance at their home.

Right away, the woman who had so avoided frills all throughout her life went to planning an extravagant dinner and she didn’t even know who the guest of honor would be. Though Bellatrix had never thought too much about making impressions, she went to great lengths making sure that the guests would remember her as a gracious hostess. Before she knew it, the night had arrived.

The Lestranges’ house elf, well-dressed for the occasion as any of the other occupants of the home, led the guests into the dining area where they congregated, speaking with each other. Before Bellatrix could intermingle, Rodolphus pulled her aside in a room full of coats and capes and shawls.

“Bellatrix, dear,” His hands grabbed her shoulders in an uncharacteristically gentle manner. He craned his neck and planted a kiss on her neck. “I need you to do something for me this evening.” He spoke softly, directly into her ear. There was something about his behavior, all of the sudden, that made her shiver a little bit.

“Of course,” She replied and turned her head, though she still found herself unable to match eyes with her husband. Bellatrix wondered what kind of favor he would ask of her. By the way he spoke she knew that it couldn’t be anything slight or simple and that she might very well regret agreeing to do it.

“Do you hear the whispers out there?” Rodolphus gestured with one hand towards the dining room. Bellatrix hesitated, then shook her head. “You can’t hear who they speak of?” The one remaining hand on her shoulder turned her to face him. Rodolphus looked at her inquisitively.

“I didn’t hear names mentioned.” She stated simply. “Only allusions to a ‘dark lord’.” Bellatrix’s eyes drifted to the floor as she processed what she’d just said. She hadn’t thought that the whisperings had been of much importance, but with Rodolphus paying such attention to the little detail she knew that she’d been wrong.

“Yes,” Rodolphus began with a nod. “A dark lord.” He reached out to brush a curly lock of pitch black hair from his wife’s pale face. “Tonight is special because it is on this night that I present you to someone of great importance. Our Dark Lord.” He smiled a little, a rare expression for his usually somber face.

Bellatrix felt something quite like a cinder block in the pit of her stomach. She did not much enjoy uncertainty and knowing nothing about the Dark Lord she was to be presented to was not helping to ease the heaviness in her belly.

“I trust that you will make me quite proud.” With that genuine statement, Rodolphus leaned in to place a soft kiss on her thin lips. Bellatrix, though quite uneasy, smiled faintly at the gesture. “Now, let’s eat.” He held out his arm in a show of gentlemanly behavior. Bellatrix linked her arm in his and he walked the two of them into the dining hall.

The white noise of conversation had faded upon the entrance of the Lestranges and all eyes were on Rodolphus and Bellatrix as they took their seats at the table. Some of the men Bellatrix had seen come calling for her husband, though she’d never really known what they gathered to do. The women, and there were only a couple of them at the dinner, were assumed to be wives of the men.

Rodolphus slid his chair from the table and raised a glass of red wine as he stood.

“Friends,” He began in a slightly elevated tone of voice. “We are gathered tonight to formally celebrate our devotion to our Lord. I would like to think that tonight is a special gathering, for it is tonight that my wife, Bellatrix, becomes acquainted with all of you and our Dark Lord, as well.” Rodolphus was smiling and looking quite pleasant, Bellatrix noted with a smile. “I only ask that you treat her kindly and enjoy your dinner. Cheers to that.” He smiled, raising the glass a bit higher. There was a chorus of cheers and the clinking sound of glasses resounded through the Lestrange dining room.

Like all of the Black sisters, Bellatrix possessed a certain social grace, but she was not showing it at the dinner table. She smiled and responded politely to questions that were asked of her, but as she ate her food all she could think of was the guest of honor. She wondered what he’d done to earn the loyalty of so many.

The very moment that the minute hand on the Lestranges’ grandfather clock indicated that it was midnight, chairs slid away from the dining table and without speaking a word the guests assembled in the foyer. Rodolphus took Bellatrix by her hand and tugged at her arm so that the two of them could join everyone else. She quietly followed.

Though she had seen people apparate before, Bellatrix gasped audibly when a loud crack sounded and a dark, cloaked figure appeared in her home. Her dark eyes widened just slightly, though she tried not to look very intimidating as it might insult this, their guest of honor.

She saw him more clearly as he straightened up. This guest of honor did not look like anyone she had ever seen in all of her life. There was something awfully reptilian about the tall figure. He had no nose but in its place two slits as a snake has. His skin was not only pale, but grey and lacking in any color. Though he was lanky and thin he maintained a presence that was unquestionably intimidating.

The guests all around him, men and women alike, bowed at him. Rodolphus signaled to Bellatrix that she should join them in doing so. Slowly, with a moment’s hesitation, Bellatrix bowed her head and bent slightly at her knees.

“You may rise.” The figure stated, not a bit of emotion in his tone. They all straightened and stood, some self-consciously smoothing out their clothing.

Bellatrix did not know proper etiquette for a situation such as this. Her eyes kept on the Dark Lord until his eyes met hers, then she shyly looked to the floor.

“Rodolphus,” He spoke and gestured to Bellatrix with a long, bony finger. “Is this her?”

“It is indeed, my Lord.” Rodolphus nodded eagerly, smiling and looking from the Dark Lord to Bellatrix. “This is my wife Bellatrix.”

Bellatrix bowed her head instinctively, greatly intimidated by the figure that stood before her. He let out a dark, almost melodic laugh and reached out, lifting her jaw so that her eyes met his.

“Good evening,” He spoke, his hand still under her jaw, holding her gaze where it was. “I am Lord Voldemort.”

A tiny gasp escaped her lips and her eyes widened, though this time it was from delight and not from fear. A smile spread across her face and much of the fright had left her. Never in her dreams had she imagined that she would meet the wizard who stood in her foyer.

“My Lord,” She spoke in a small voice. “I am Bellatrix Lestrange. I swear to you my service and devotion.”

It was, perhaps, premature to make such promises, but to Bellatrix it just seemed like the proper thing to do. He was a great wizard of great power and a pioneer in the movement to praise pure blood status. All of this was giving her such a rush to her head. It was so intoxicating that she did not hear any of the whispers that came from her guests, nor did she notice the wide, bright smile on her husband’s face.

The Dark Lord raised his hand to brush his gaunt fingers across her cheek and she smiled.

“Rodolphus, I wish to speak to your wife in private.” He turned to glance at him. “Where might we go to ensure privacy?”

“Oh,” Rodolphus sounded mildly surprised. He’d wanted Bellatrix to please Voldemort, but he had never intended for her to steal the show, so to speak. “There are chairs and couches to sit on in the study.”

“Perfect.” Though he couldn’t really smile, Voldemort sounded pleased. He made his way to the study, not so much as looking over his shoulder to make sure that Bellatrix followed. He was not the type to accept hesitation from his followers.

Wide-eyed, Bellatrix slipped into the drawing room right after her new master and closed the heavy wood doors behind her. Silently she wished that she’d put more effort into her clothing and appearance. This was the first time he’d seen her. This would be the impression that stayed with him. Her insecurities melted away as other thoughts flooded into her mind. What does one say to such a formidable wizard? Is it proper to ask questions? She simply did not know.

“Rodolphus has told me about you, Bellatrix.” Voldemort slid into a comfortable, plush chair. Bellatrix nodded, standing where she was with her hands folded in front of her. If she was supposed to take a seat, she’d surmised, he would ask her to sit. “And I’ve heard many good things about the Black family lineage. You’re a pure-blood, are you?”

“Yes, my Lord. Pure through and through.” She smiled just slightly, beginning to feel at least a tiny bit more at ease in front of him since he apparently saw her in a pleasant light.

“Bellatrix?” Voldemort folded his hands on his lap.

“Yes, my Lord?” Bellatrix tilted her head slightly.

“Might I address you as ‘Bella’ in private?” She beamed at the question. Only Cissy, her sister, had ever used the nickname. It made her a touch dizzy to hear the Dark Lord asking if he could call her by it.

“Yes, my Lord, of course.” She smiled just barely and nodded emphatically. Never had she imagined a meeting such as this one turning out so well. She was certain that Rodolphus would be pleased and, more than that, she thought that the Dark Lord himself might be pleased with her.

“Bella,” He began. She so wished that he could smile or even frown so that she might be able to read him more easily. “Bella, if you wish to follow me then I must know what you are willing to do for me.”

“My Lord, I would do anything!” She burst out with the statement, taking a step closer to him. This was her profession of devotion. To anyone else it may have seemed over the top, but it had been heartfelt and Lord Voldemort could tell. There was a silence so uncomfortable, though, that Bellatrix was certain that her excitability had displeased him. Her smile faded quite a bit.

“Anything? That is quite a promise, Bella. Are you ready to commit to a promise like that?” The Lord tilted his head to the side just barely in a gesture of curiosity. He was enjoying all of it. He could sense in Bellatrix there was someone faithful and loyal, someone unwavering in devotion.

“Yes,” She said in a steady voice after a moment’s contemplation. “I am certain that I will be able to live up to that promise.”

“Then you are mine.” He leaned forward a bit. “You are Rodolphus’ wife, of course, but first and foremost you are my servant. You will be rewarded, in time, for your devotion. Have faith in that.”

“Oh, I will.” Bellatrix whispered. The night had proven thus far to be a very intense experience. She put her hand to her heart and sighed. This was not a side that many people would ever get to see. This was not the cool and aloof Bellatrix that so many people knew.

“Bella,” Voldemort began, a sudden eagerness in his tone of voice. “Undress yourself for me.”

Bellatrix swallowed a newly formed lump in her throat and nodded, trying to summon all of the bravery she possessed. She reached behind herself without question, undoing the laces of her bodice so that it might be slipped off easily. With a little maneuvering of her arms and shoulders she stood before her new master, baring her breasts. Any muggle would have called such an act a betrayal to the vows she’d taken by marrying Rodolphus, but Bella knew that her vows to Voldemort meant one hundred times more.

She tugged her skirts off, showing a simple pair of brief underwear underneath. At last, she kicked her shoes off, though she tried to do so with grace in front of the man she’d sworn to serve all her life.

“Come to me, Bella.” He beckoned to her with his hand, never wavering or showing much emotion at all. “Kneel in front of me.”

She quickly and obediently obeyed, kneeling close to him and looking at him with a sort of longing in her eyes. One didn’t need to read minds to know what she really wanted.

The Dark Lord leaned forward and placed a kiss on Bellatrix’s forehead. He sighed, apparently pleased with what he’d been presented with thus far. His fingertips traced a path from her cheek down to her rosy red nipple. She took in a sharp breath, looking down at his hand. He went to work with both hands, then, touching and brushing all over Bellatrix’s perfect, creamy skin while paying special attention to her breasts.

Guiding her with his hands on her shoulders, he straightened Bellatrix up so that he could more easily explore her sex. With three bony fingers he probed inside of her cunt. He pulled out slightly so that he could gently rub her clitoris. She moaned in response, lifting her chest just slightly and inhaling a deep breath through clenched teeth.

“Is this what you want, Bella?” He asked in a voice that was clearly touched by arousal.

“Yes,” Her voice was slightly hoarse and the single syllable came out more as a moan than anything. Voldemort immediately pulled his hands away from her.

“Then beg for it.” His voice was suddenly harsh, lacking any trace of warmth at all. At first Bellatrix looked confused. Her brow wrinkled slightly as she studied him.

Beg for it.” He repeated, emphasizing each word.

Bellatrix’s wide, dark eyes looked lost and confused, if only for a few seconds. This was not something that Rodolphus had ever asked of her. She bit her lip hard, drawing a little bit of blood. She reminded herself that tonight was special and important and that complying with the Dark Lord’s request could only bring good things.

“Please touch me, my Lord.” It was easy to tell that she was nervous. Voldemort scoffed a little. He didn’t need to articulate his approval, she could tell that she wasn’t doing good enough without words.

”Please, please touch me, Sir.” Bellatrix leaned forward with need in her eyes. “Please, there is nothing I desire more than to feel your skin against mine. To feel you inside of me...” She closed her eyes, imagining his touch.

“Continue.” He tried to be cold and distant, but Bellatrix’s words had stirred something in him. She smiled inwardly, pleased that he might be affected by her.

“Oh,” She took in a ragged breath. “My husband, in all of the nights we have shared the same bed, has never made me feel as you do. Please, my Lord, I beg you to touch me, to have me as yours. I beg you.” She reached out with lithe fingers grabbing at her new Master’s erect member.

It took him by surprise. He had not invited her to do such a thing. He had not asked it of her. Still, he did not protest. Voldemort let Bellatrix touch him.

Soon, touching turned to something more as she clenched a fist around the shaft, pumping hard and fast so that he might feel the way that she felt right then. They moaned almost in unison. It caught Bellatrix completely by surprise when he forcefully swatted her hand away.

“My Lord, have I displeased you?” She asked with a worried expression. Voldemort paused on purpose to stir the anxiety inside of her.

“No,” He said, finally. Slowly, the Dark Lord stood from the chair and gestured for Bellatrix to follow him over to the sofa across the room. She complied, looking very curious and wondering what was in store for her.

“Bella, my dear.” He ran his hand down her spine and leaned in to whisper a command in her ear. “Bend over the side-arm of the couch.”

As Bellatrix bent over the couch, gripping the cushions to hold the position, Voldemort disrobed. She heard the clothing hit the floor and was curious to see him, but was unable to get a good look. He entered her suddenly and she let out a tiny gasp of surprise.

It pleased her a great deal to learn that the Dark Lord was surprisingly well-endowed. She hadn’t had too much experience throughout her lifetime, but she knew enough to know that he was just perfect.

Voldemort grabbed her hips, digging his fingers into the flesh. He took it slowly, at first, making long, deliberate thrusts into her sex. Bellatrix bit into her lower lip, holding her excitement in until she couldn’t anymore. She burst out with a loud breath and an muffled curse word.

The thrusts came more quickly and so increased the speed of her breathing. LIttle gasps and moans passed through her lips and she heard her Master moan behind her. She smiled a lascivious grin, enjoying the fact that she was providing her Lord with such pleasure.

Bellatrix came with a cry that she tried to muffle. Her hands dug into the cushion she’d been gripping. Her chest heaved and she tried her best to slow down her breathing. This had been, by far, the most fulfilling sex she’d ever had.

With a low, strange grunt, Bellatrix felt Voldemort cum inside of her. She, too, gave a sigh of pleasure. Though the act was over, she remained in her position, bent over the arm of the sofa.

“You may stand, Bella, and redress.” She slowly curled up into a standing position, turning to face her Master with a smile. Bellatrix gathered her clothing, careful not to make a mess of the fabric as she slipped back into her dress.

Voldemort slipped back into his robes, looking quite like he did before when he first came in. Bellatrix had more of a glow in her face than at the beginning of the evening. She found herself smiling a bit, as well. The commitment she had sworn to uphold made her feel more important, like one of the others gathered in the dining hall. She did not think that they had the kind of bond she and the Dark Lord had, though.

Upon his lead, Bellatrix and Voldemort left the study and reentered the dining hall. The small crowd stood as the Dark Lord entered, some lifting their glasses to him. Rodolphus looked pleased but was anxious to hear what Voldemort thought of his wife. He was certain that they had fornicated, but oddly enough did not feel he was a victim of infidelity. He was proud.

“My Lord,” Rodolphus smiled, bowing his head to his superior.

“Rodolphus, I am pleased with your wife. She has sworn to aid us in our efforts.” The Lord nodded, exchanging a glance with Bellatrix. “Now, we shall sit and share a glass of wine in celebration.”

The others took their seats once more and Rodolphus produced another bottle of fine red wine. Bellatrix reached under the table to hold her husband’s hand and no sooner than he touched her she felt Voldemort’s hand on her thigh. She smiled at the Dark Lord’s touch and took a sip of her wine. This was a night she would remember for all of her life.
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