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Kink: Animal Play
Fandom: True Blood
Sookie/Dean The Dog/Sam Merlotte
WARNING: Spoilers for the episode Plaisir d'Amour onward.

“Dean the Dog.” Sookie named the red and white collie who had been shadowing her for so long. She scratched the back of his neck. He was such a sweet creature, even turning his head as she’d slipped into her white cotton nightie. Who ever heard of a dog giving a person privacy?

Even in the company of something so loving, though, Sookie felt alone. Bill had gone off to the vampire tribunal. He had saved Sookie from certain death by killer her attacker, Long Shadow. In the world of vampires that was the biggest offense out there. She tried not to think about it too much, but there was little doubt in her mind that the punishment for such a crime would be steep. When she blinked she found that her eyes were wet and her nose had become a bit stuffy. Sookie didn’t want to fall asleep crying.

It was a humid, southern night in Bon Temps, Louisiana and it was even hotter in Bill’s old antebellum home since Sookie had shut all of the windows tight. She frustratedly kicked at the bedcovers until they were just a bunch of sheets and blankets at the foot of the bed.

Her thoughts wandered to the times she and Bill had experienced together. He was such a gentleman. After hearing so many lewd thoughts in her previous suitors’ minds his chivalry became even more precious and important to her. He spoke to her as if he’d come from a different time. Of course, that was because he really was from another time, but knowing that didn’t lessen its value in her mind.

Sookie remembered the first time the two of them had made love. It was her first time with anyone. She was certain at the time that it was going to be awkward and that she would feel like a fool, groping and grasping and just making herself look inexperienced. Bill was a patient lover, guiding her along the way with gentle kisses and touches. All of her insecurities melted away and she knew that she would always compare her experiences with that night with Bill.

Sookie was slightly surprised to find her fingers tucked under her panties, lightly tracing over the sensitive folds of her womanhood. She’d never really made a habit out of masturbating before. She hadn’t felt the need. Now, though, she was finding that her memories had stirred something in her, aroused some sort of longing, and she was enjoying herself.

Pulling her panties down to her knees, Sookie kicked off the white cotton briefs and heard them fall to the wood floor. She went to work, again, with a little sigh of pleasure escaping her parted lips.

Even with Gran dead, it had felt weird to touch herself like this inside her house. Living, if only for a while, in Bill’s home had granted her a sense of freedom from the old rules. Gran had been very tolerant of sleeping in and getting home at a late hour, but there was an unspoken tension whenever Sookie had bent the rules at her Gran’s.

Well on the way to release, Sookie let out a sharp gasp as she felt Dean the dog hop onto the bed. She lifted her head and strained to see the collie.

“Dean,” She said in a whisper, propping herself up on her elbows. Then Sookie got the shock of a lifetime.

Dean’s long, canine tongue found itself where her fingers had been, lapping up at her wet sex as eagerly as it would have if there was kibble there instead of pussy.

“Dean!” Sookie shrieked, pushing her body up towards the head of the bed. She would have been lying if she’d said that it wasn’t enjoying the experience a little. For a second she wondered how different a human tongue would feel. She had a hunch that the dog’s tongue could go deeper. Sookie felt horrible, wondering if this could be considered as animal abuse, but she writhed and pushed herself closer to the collie with a little moan.

Tiny muffled squeals turned into louder expressions of pleasure and Sookie wasn’t feeling terrible anymore. If anything, the guilt was fueling that feeling between her legs and soon she was brought to climax. She gasped loudly arching her back just slightly and pulled her knees up closer to her chest. It took a second or two to recover, but after her breathing had slowed back to normal she closed her eyes.

Sookie was near sleep when she opened her eyes again. She hadn’t even looked down to see why Dean the Dog had stopped his lapping. Slowly, Sookie sat up in the bed. She saw nothing on the bed, but what she saw on the floor made her shriek in surprise.

“Sam Merlotte!” She scrambled to pull up the sheets that she had pushed to the bottom of the bed, covering up her breasts in an act of modesty.

There Sam stood, naked with a full-blown hard-on, blushing with his cheeks so red. It wasn’t such a bad sight, but Sookie was surprised and rightfully so.

“Sookie,” He looked at her, eyes silently pleading for her to understand the situation. “I thought that you knew.” Sam said in a small voice.

“Knew what?” She narrowed her eyes, shaking her head as she tried to figure out just what Sam was talking about. A thought occurred to her and Sookie suddenly found herself looking all around the bedroom for Dean. Her eyes darted from one corner to another and her jaw dropped open just a bit. “You’re...” Sookie put a hand over her mouth, her big brown eyes widening quite a bit.

“Dean the Dog.” He replied with a nod. “I’m a shifter. I thought that was why you were so comfortable. I thought...”

The tension in the air had lessened quite a bit in the seconds that they both had realized what exactly had happened. Sam took a seat on the edge of the bed, covering up his erection with a sheet. He gave a bashful smile to Sookie who smiled in return, shaking her head at what she had done.

“It’s almost sunrise.” She sighed. “Bill ain’t coming home today. You want a blanket? The sofa downstairs is plenty comfortable.”

It was clear that Sam was a little disappointed that Sookie hadn’t suggested that he sleep next to her in the bed. It wasn’t as if he’d expected her to up and leave Bill Compton, but lately things weren’t even close to what he’d expected to come to pass. Sam nodded and stole the second pillow from beside Sookie. He gave her a quiet kiss on the forehead, wrapped himself in a sheet, and made his way downstairs.

Sookie curled back up in the bed, fanning out her long blonde hair on the pillow beneath her head. She knew that a man as honorable as Sam Merlotte would never share the happenings of the night with anyone at the bar. First of all, she imagined that he wouldn’t be too keen on revealing his big secret, but also because she’d never figured him the type to kiss and tell, even if he was kissing a girl someplace other than her mouth.

She was ready to write it all off as a strange dream, so she blinked her eyes slowly and drifted off to sleep, doing just that.



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