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Kink: Bitemarks
Fandom: Gossip Girl

“So,” Blair obviously hesitated, biting her lower lip. Serena raised her eyebrow, curiosity piqued, and gestured with her hands for Blair to continue saying whatever it was that she wanted to get out. “Chuck and I...”

Serena put her hands over her eyes with a laugh before Blair could finish. “Oh, no, do I want to know?” She smiled brightly and tilted her head.

“I’m trying to share something with you.” Blair tossed a pillow halfheartedly at her best friend who easily swatted it away.

“Chuck and I tried oral sex.” Blair admitted, shaking her head as soon as the confession had passed her lips. Serena smiled and tossed her hair over her shoulder. She couldn’t remember the first time she’d had oral sex. She was considerably more experienced than Blair, something she wasn’t too proud of.

“So you went down on him...?” Serena asked, raising her eyebrows playfully.

“And he went down on me.” Blair added quickly in a quiet voice. Serena’s eyes widened just slightly. “What?” Blair asked, looking a touch annoyed.

“It’s nothing. I just always pictured him as being...” She trailed off for a second. “Selfish.” She settled on the word.

“That’s not true!” Blair spoke up, sitting up more straightly. “Chuck is a very giving lover and his performance was well above satisfactory.”

Slowly, Blair changed her position, scooting up towards the head of the bed. Serena watched curiously as Blair spread her legs and tugged her tights to her ankles. Serena opened her mouth to speak, to ask what the hell was going on, but Blair quickly hushed her with a loud ‘Shh!’ She parted her legs as widely as she could, showing little bite marks all over her inner thighs, and smiled almost proud of her boyfriend’s work.

Serena sighed, eyes fixed on Blair’s LaPerla underwear. Anyone could see the heat in her gaze.

“I’ll show you ‘above satisfactory’.” She smirked, standing up from her seat in Blair’s bedroom chair, and walked over to the bed. This was all so impromptu, Blair didn’t know what to make of Serena’s words. She just sat in the position she’d assumed, watching her best friend.

Serena tugged her best friend’s shoes and tights off first, tossing them to the bedroom floor, then leaned in. As soon as she was certain that Blair was not going to protest, she grabbed the crotch of her underwear with her teeth, just barely grazing the girl’s sex. She pulled, moving backwards so that she could remove the silk panties using only her teeth. Blair gasped, but didn’t speak out against what was going on.

Once they were down to mid-thigh, Serena pulled the tiny scrap of fabric out of her way and kissed Blair’s cunt with the fervor and passion of a porn starlet on camera. Blair clamped a hand over her mouth as she moaned with delight. Satisfied with the effect she was having on her best friend, Serena licked at Blair’s labia and gave a few light pecks to her clitoris.

This was nothing like what Blair had done with Chuck. It was much, much better. Blair had to resort to holding a pillow over her face to muffle the satisfied noises she made.

Serena fucked Blair with her tongue, slowly thrusting it in and out of her friend’s cunt and letting out a tiny moan herself. She reached up, blindly grabbing at Blair’s small breast.

“Is this above satisfactory, Blair?” Serena asked in a breathy voice before going back to eating her friend’s pussy.

“God, yes!” Blair managed to get out, her words made quiet by the filtering of the pillow.

Tirelessly, Serena worked her tongue and mouth all around, kissing and licking until Blair let out a cry and Serena felt the girl cum all over her face. Then she thought she would take a hint from Chuck. In the middle of all of the bitemarks he had left, Serena gave Blair a nip and marked the girl’s inner thigh as her own territory.



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