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Kink: Genital Torture
Fandom: Heroes

Claire sat at her vanity, sighing as she stared at her own reflection. This was not her usual look as far as makeup and clothing went. Her eyes were lined heavily with black kohl eyeliner, her lips pink and pouty. As far as clothing went she was wearing very little, just a black bra and matching boyshort underwear. On an ordinary day she would write these choices off as slutty and not for her, but today was special and Claire was counting on seducing her prey before devouring him.

No sooner than she was done applying a clear lip gloss did she hear said prey stirring in her own bed. She smiled a predator’s smile and turned to look at him.

Gabriel Grey, Sylar, whatever he was going by anymore, was tied to the bed. This was an unexpected thing to wake up to. Add that to the fact that he’d been stripped naked and you get the surprise of a lifetime. He lifted his head to match eyes with Claire and smirked.

“If you were aiming to reenact one of my fantasies you’re pretty far off-base. I prefer the cheerleading unifom.” He tugged a bit at the duct tape binding his wrists and ankles to the posts of her bed.

“This isn’t about your fantasies.” She shook her head and stood, crossing the room to him. He tried to use his telekinesis but found that his efforts were all for naught. He tried nearly every power he possessed only to find that his abilities were nullified.

“You’re helpless.” Claire explained with a devilish sneer on her face. “Our powers don’t work, now. I have a friend outside making sure that you can’t hurt me.” Sylar snorted, smirking at her statement. As far as captors went, Claire wasn’t the most intimidating.

“What are you going to do?” He smirked. Claire didn’t have the mind that he had. He doubted that she was the type to sit around and brainstorm ways to torture people like he could be so often.

Claire climbed onto her bed and assumed a straddling position, sitting on his thighs with his cock in full view. She tilted her head, drinking in the image of a vulnerable man who had hurt her so much - the man who had killed her biological parents. Her silence made him a little nervous.

“Right now I’m going to get you excited.” Still straddling him, she leaned down and kissed him with fierce intensity. Claire nibbled on his lower lip like she was his lover and it wasn’t long before she was teasing his cock with light traces of her manicured fingertips. Under her touch she could tell that his cock was hardening and she smiled, proud of her work.

She scooted back so that when she leaned forward she could press her lips to his erection, giving it little kisses and flicks of her tongue. Sylar began to moan a little.

“I didn’t know that this was your idea of torture, Claire. I would have let you get me in this position a long time ago if I had known.” That got a rise out of Claire. She giggled and rolled her eyes up to match his. Just for kicks she took his entire, engorged member into her mouth and down into her throat just a little.

Claire sat up and wiped the spit from the corners of her mouth. Sylar had a look that suggested he couldn’t wait for what else she had in store for him. If he had any idea he wouldn’t look so eager to press onward.

Reaching to the bedside table, Claire produced a pair of fuzzy dice, taking one in each hand and smiling wickedly.

“I’ve been wanting to play this game with you for a long time.” Her eyes fixated on the dice, her smile getting bigger by the second. “That’s what I brought you here for, Sylar.” She looked down at him. Her gaze created a heaviness in his stomach and suddenly he knew that this wouldn’t be the kind of game that involved penetrating a tight little cheerleader.

Claire let the fuzzy dice roll onto Sylar’s stomach and they came up as snake eyes, one dot face up on both die.

“Oh, that’s not fun...” She mumbled to herself, taking the dice once more and let them roll onto Syler’s stomach yet again. This time it came up as a two and a three. She smiled and nodded. “Much better.”

Sylar wrinkled his eyebrows together, wondering what was going on. He couldn’t have predicted what would happen next.

Claire licked her glossed lips, pulling back one arm and making a fist, then punched him as hard as possible right in his erect penis. Sylar let out a loud, guttural cry of pain. Claire smiled broadly.

“One.” She said in a sweet voice. “You can beg me to stop whenever you like. You’ve got four more to go, baby.”

Claire even leaned back this time to gain momentum, socking him in the groin once more. He howled, pulling and fighting against his binds. What he would give to have all of his powers back again.

“Two.” She hissed the number, practically snarling at Sylar. This was nothing compared to losing a loved one, she thought.

But then she stopped counting. One after the other, each punch punctuated by a grunt of effort on her part, Claire kept punching him. He screamed and soon was crying from the pain, but once Claire was up to at least ten shots at his cock the sounds stopped. She sniffled as she’d gotten quite emotional during the process and looked him over. It looked like he was passed out from the pain.

Claire slid off of the bed and stood up, smudging her dark eyeliner with balled up hands.

“The game’s not over that easily.” She sneered at the man tied up to her bed. She was going to make him hurt a lot more than that.



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