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Kink: Teasing
Fandom: Harry Potter
Bellatrix/Severus Snape

Severus Snape was not a youth blessed with excessive good looks nor was he blessed with confidence or sureness of his actions. He was an easy mark for the charismatic Marauders at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and had grown used to being underfoot. Though he was a promising student, he was written off by many of his classmates simply for not being pure of blood. Naturally, with all of this in mind, he was completely and utterly puzzled as to why someone as regal and blessed with social bearing as Bellatrix Black would request his presence in the Black household on that particular day.

He’d come by way of broom for he was still unsure of his Apparition skills. As he stood in front of the door, Severus felt a tightness in his chest that only got worse with every progressing breath that escaped his lips. Just as he extended his arm to rap on the door with his knuckles the door opened, and not by some servant or house elf but by Bellatrix herself wearing a plush, fur-lined robe that didn’t reveal much at all.

Severus realized that it wasn’t just Bellatrix’s aptitude at magic that overwhelmed him. It wasn’t simply that she was a Black, practically royalty in the world of magic. She was also, like many of her relatives, breathtakingly beautiful.

Bellatrix wasn’t beautiful in the same way that Lily Evans, the girl Severus secretly pined over, was beautiful. Lily’s delicate features and bright green eyes reflected her sweetness and her good heart. Bellatrix’s face was striking with prominent cheekbones and deeply set dark eyes that smoldered. One might have been put at ease by Lily’s physical appearance, but so was not the case with Bellatrix’s looks.

Severus’ mouth hung open just a bit as he was taken by the deepness of Bellatrix’s eyes. He was hardly aware of the seconds he spent staring. Finally, in a curt tone, Bella addressed the younger wizard.

“Snape?” She cocked her head to the side, eyeing him with no real kindness in her eyes. She was hardly the gracious hostess in her demeanor.

Severus was jolted by her welcome of sorts.

“Yes?” He asked, the corners of his mouth trying in vain to smile at her. Without receiving any response for his efforts, Severus quit trying to look pleased. Frankly, he looked a little scared, and Bellatrix relished it with a tiny smirk on her face.

“Quit standing there, will you? Come in.” She turned on heel, expecting him to follow her. It took a moment for him to catch on. The door nearly closed before he had figured out that Bellatrix intended for him to follow close behind. He scrambled after her and soon found himself in her bedchamber.

Many of the students at Hogwarts had fantasized about situations like the one Severus was in, but he was just puzzled. He was not naive, but he really had no idea why he was in such a place alone with Bellatrix Black.

He’d heard her say, on one occasion in particular, that no daughter of her lineage would ever waste her time on a scrawny little half-blood twit. That made him pretty certain that, though he’d never even really hoped for things to be otherwise, his chances with Bellatrix were shot to hell. Now, with her inviting him to her bedroom he was thinking that things might not be as he had originally thought they were.

Severus was silent out of shock and Bellatrix enjoyed that. A predatory smile spread onto her faces and there was something brewing in those nearly-black eyes of hers. She fiddled with the tie of her luxe, fur-lined robe, being sure to take her time as she undid the loose knot. With a little wiggle of her shoulders the beautiful robe was on the floor and there Bellatrix stood wearing only an emerald green bra and matching panties.

It suited her, Severus thought. He had a hunch that Bella and her sisters never wore the practical, cotton kind of underwear. They seemed to be above ordinary fabric, if that was possible. Though she looked absolutely steaming hot, the growing silence between the two of them was becoming more and more awkward. Severus took it upon himself to speak up.

“Bellatr--” He tried to address her, but was cut off rather quickly.

“You will call me,” She bit her lip, thinking to herself and trying to produce a good name. “Mistress Bella. Is that clear, little Snape?” She smiled in a way that completely lacked any trace of mirth or kindness.

“Y-yes, Mistress Bella.” Severus stuttered, swallowing a lump that had formed so suddenly in his throat. He looked so shy from the waist up, but below that point he was incredibly aroused and it was beginning to show rather quickly. Bellatrix noticed his erection right away.

A cruel little cackle escaped her lips and she tossed her head back a little to emphasize the act.

“Oh, little Snape, you aren’t going to fuck me with that puny little thing, are you?” She continued to laugh softly beneath her words. Severus looked crushed and was silent. He gave a few glances towards his hard-on, wondering how far below Bellatrix’s standards he was.

“I asked you a question, you inadequate little shit.” She spat the words out through clenched teeth, now growling instead of laughing. Domination gave her such a natural high. “Forget about it. You’ll make up for it in other ways.” She sneered at him. “You’re going to strip, little Snape. Do it now.” Bellatrix put her hands in fists on her hips and pushed out her chest with the intention of looking more grandiose and formidable. It had an affect on Severus. He swallowed yet another lump in his throat and proceeded to follow his Mistress’ orders.

Severus’ stripping had no grace or sensuality like Bellatrix had shown simply by slipping out from her robe. He felt awkward, but it seemed to please Bellatrix and he kept at it until he wore not a stitch. It was strange to be so vulnerable and, though he was a little scared, it was also a sexually stimulating experience.

“Kneel at my feet.” She commanded simply and he complied, too intimidated to look up at her. “Look at my face, Snape.” Bellatrix snapped in a cruel tone. Quickly, Severus tilted his head upwards so that he might see her face. She only nodded in approval.

“I want you, my pathetic little slut, to lick my shoes. Is that clear?” Bella ran her fingers through Severus’ slightly greasy mop of black hair, then grabbing tightly to pull his head back even further.

“Y-yes, Mistress Bella.” Snape’s voice was low, his eyes shifting gaze quickly and often from her eyes to other places in her bedroom - on the bed, the tiny bedside table, even the rug that lay on the ground beside her bed. It took him a moment to register the order, but he did what was demanded of him and quickly went to work licking the black leather and rubber soles of Bellatrix’s pricey shoes. Her sadistic laugh registered in his ears as she turned her ankles this way and that so that he could lick every inch of the shoes.

“Enough.” She spoke sharply, kicking the shoes off to the side of the room one after the other. Her feet were bare, toenails uncharacteristically painted a bright shade of red. She stepped around her newly found slave and sat down on the cushiony down mattress, wiggling her feet about. Severus remained in a kneeling position, completely confused as to what he should do next. Bella eyed him and smiled, remaining silent for what could have been an entire minute before speaking again.

Crawl over here and give my feet a kiss.” Bellatrix’s smile widened, her lips pulling back to reveal her white teeth. Severus did as was asked of him, gently pecking at her perfect little feet, even paying attention to the red painted toenails. He was obviously aroused and his following her every whim was getting to Bellatrix, as well.

Though she would never own up to being even the slightest bit attracted to a half-blood like Severus he was there by her invitation. Of all of the boys she’d had under her thumb, Severus had been a random choice. He wasn’t the most attractive nor was he one with outstanding social status, but she’d chosen him and it was working out marvelously. Bellatrix smiled at the thought and tossed her head back slightly with a little laugh.

She pulled her feet onto the bed with her, tucking her legs underneath her. Severus kissed her feet until they were tucked away from him, his ardor impressing Bellatrix.

“Stand, will you?” She hopped onto her feet, as well, pushing off of the bed. Severus did as was asked and stood before her. His hand moved instinctively to cover his cock, but Bellatrix pushed it away with a mischievous smile on her face. “Don’t touch me and do not say a word.” She instructed and she slowly lowered herself into a kneeling position. She was going to make this as difficult for him as she could simply because she got a rise out of it. If he was to take pleasure in the acts to come, Bellatrix was going to make him reciprocate it doubly.

Bella’s long slender fingers gripped around Severus’ cock without mercy. She pumped up and down the shaft several times to get things going, varying in pressure. Her other hand’s fingertips traced along his anatomy, almost tickling him with their light touch. Severus gasped and his breath became more ragged by the moment. Bellatrix could only smile at this.

She pouted her lips and formed them into an ‘O’ shape, blowing cool air on the cock to tease him with light sensations. Finally, she lowered her head to kiss the head, flicking her tongue out and running the tip of her tongue from the base of the shaft to the very end. As she prolonged this part of the process, her hands made themselves busy by tickling and tracing the flesh of his balls, putting only enough pressure to graze the skin and never apply enough pressure to bring him to climax. Just when he felt like he could cum all over Bellatrix’s beautiful face, Bella withdrew and slowly got to her feet with a wicked smile playing on her face.

“You will not cum until I command it, do you understand?” She tilted her head, amused at the strained expression on Severus’ face.

“Yes, Mistress Bella.” Severus could hardly speak the words in his frustrated state. Bellatrix laughed quietly, contemplating the things she could do to him next.

As if the idea had suddenly struck her, Bellatrix slipped her fingers underneath her emerald green panties, beginning to finger herself. The tip of her tongue flicked out to moisten her thin lips and a tiny moan escaped her mouth. She moved her hand faster and closed her eyes for a few seconds. When they’d opened again she could see that she was causing Severus a great bit of stress. That thought made her smile and continue with more fervor, her knees buckling just a bit as she paid special attention to the especially sensitive parts of her womanhood.

Bellatrix moaned more loudly, but instead of continuing in her efforts to get off she moved her hands to her back to undo the clasps of her brassiere. Once undone, the bra fell a bit and allowed her to show off her perfectly round, small breasts. She made eye contact with Severus and smiled in a sultry way. Once her bra was on the floor, she shifted her attention to her panties which were only obstructing access to her cunt. Slowly, she slipped a few fingers under the satiny material and pulled until they were low enough to shimmy her hips out of. She haphazardly kicked them off to the side of her bedroom.

“Lie down on the bed.” Bella ordered, her hunger becoming apparent in her throaty voice. Her chest rose and fell with every breath. By now, she figured, she had to want it as badly as he did. She wanted release and so did Severus, but the real question was whether or not she would allow him to obtain it at all.

Severus moved slowly, but he followed his Mistress’ orders and laid down on the bed. He sunk into it, relishing the comfort he felt.

Bellatrix, looking very much like a predator about to devour its prey, crawled very slowly from the foot of the bed until she was straddling Severus, her sex hovering above his erection with such patience and control. Severus let out a moan, though he was not being touched at the moment.

She retreated just slightly to trace that trail of hair that begun just under the belly button down to his patch of dark hair, only stopping to let out a laugh. Severus raised a hand to touch Bellatrix, but her laughter came to a harsh end.

“You will not move.” Bella snarled and Severus quickly laid his hand down beside him on the bed. She did not smile, but she looked satisfied with his quick mending of things.

How red and engorged his cock looked. Bellatrix’s eyes were fixated on it for a good couple of seconds. She couldn’t even resist teasing it once more, this time using her entire tongue, focusing on a pulsating vein. She smiled to herself and moved once more to hover above his erection.

Grabbing it harshly, Bellatrix guided the cock inside of her. She moaned like she’d never felt anything like it before and it edged Severus dangerously close to climax. Her hips rocked to a silent rhythm and her actions slowly became faster and more intense. With every thrust came a moan, progressively getting louder and louder. Severus kept it inside, biting his tongue til it bled as he was positively certain that if he became too loud she would scold him in some terrible way.

Bellatrix came loud and hard, her back arching and her thighs clenching Severus inside of her. Her noises waned and became simple, ragged breaths and as she quieted down she became aware that Severus was waiting for her command. She smiled at this.

“Oh, little Snape. You’ve been so very good.” She leaned in to kiss him on the mouth, teeth nibbling harshly at his lower lip. Bella moved and toppled onto the bed beside him.

“Off the bed,” She commanded in a casual tone. “We don’t want a mess, do we?” She chirped happily, propping her head up to watch. “Now, then,” Bella sighed. “On your knees.”

Severus complied, looking like making any movement at all was going to make him burst like a water balloon upon impact. He was on his knees, eyes focused on Bellatrix. She eyed him with a cruel little smile, relishing the control she had over him. This could have been achieved with magic, no doubt, but it was more delicious this way.

“You’re going to stroke yourself.” She uttered the command and Severus looked so glad to comply. “And,” Bellatrix emphasized. “Think of me.” Her lips curled into a smile.

Severus let out a long breath, jerking and pulling so hard at his erection. It didn’t take long before he came. Streams of white spattered onto the wooden floor just short of Bellatrix’s bedroom rug. She laughed so loudly at him, cupping her hand over her mouth to quiet down.

“Oh, little Snape, we are going to have so much fun together.” She laughed, shaking her wavy black hair around and sat up onto the edge of the bed. “Now, I think that it is time for you to be on your way home.” Her smile faded a bit as she hopped to her feet. Severus was still on his knees, recovering from what was undeniably the best orgasm he’d ever had.

Bellatrix gathered up her satiny robe and slipped it back over her lithe form. She secured it with a knot and looked down at Severus, remaining silent but eyeing him with impatience showing in her expression. He gathered up his clothes and slipped them on, though he was quite messy. He felt a need to hurry with Bellatrix’s eyes on him like that.

She walked him to the front door, nearly pushing him out in a hurry. She smiled.

“Good day, then.” And the door was shut right in Severus’ face. Well, Bellatrix had never really seemed like the clingy type, so he hadn’t been expecting rose petals and champagne. Severus doubted that such an occurrence would never happen again but, he promised himself, if he ever got into her bed chamber again he would not be the one licking shoes.



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